High Alumina Castable Manufacturing

High alumina castable as one of the high temperature resistant materials, the general use of casting method for construction into the integral lining. But in some parts of the structure complex, can not support the mold, so can not use pouring method for construction. At this time, we are going to consider high alumina self flowing refractory castable. Therefore, we are in the purchase of high alumina refractory castable, need to choose according to the specific temperature and construction process.


High alumina refractory castable
High alumina refractory castable

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High alumina refractory castable can be roughly divided into ordinary high alumina castables, micro-expanded high alumina castables, high alumina artesian castable and high alumina steel fiber castables. Now let’s go to these three types of refractory castables.

Ordinary high alumina castable mainly uses high alumina clinker and powder as the main raw material, aluminate cement as the binder, and a variety of additives composed of refractory castable. Its main characteristics are simple production process, convenient construction, high temperature structure strength, resistance to acid and alkali chemical erosion etc.

Micro-expansion high aluminum castable is mainly on the basis of ordinary high aluminum castable configuration process, adding expansion agent, using the expansion agent in high temperature irreversible expansion principle, to prevent the castable lining shrinkage, so as to effectively improve the air tightness of the overall structure.

During the preparation of high aluminum steel fiber castable, 1%~3% heat-resistant steel fiber will be added into the material layer irregularly, which can improve the structural strength and thermal shock resistance of the casting lining at medium and high temperature, and prevent the crack expansion caused by the large temperature difference.

The high alumina self-flowing castable is mainly made of high alumina refractory aggregate, so that it has high fluidity. The stirred castable can use dead weight and potential energy difference to generate flow, and can automatically fill and level the surface.

High Alumina Refractory Castable Feature

  1. This series of refractory castable has low construction water consumption, high density and low porosity;
  2. Good volume stability at high temperature, volume shrinkage decreases after drying and calcining;
  3. High curing strength at room temperature;
  4. Low cement consumption, which significantly improves the high-temperature function.


High alumina refractory castables
High alumina refractory castables

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The above is what we bring to you today about high alumina castable some knowledge points, if you and refractory procurement requirements, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most reliable products and the most suitable scheme. RS group is a professional refractory materials manufacturer, and has been committed to the production of refractory materials for many years, with many customers to achieve friendly relations of cooperation.

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