What is A Refractory Material

Do you know what refractory is? Materials that are allowed to be used at high temperatures are called refractories. Refractory material for sale is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields, in the metallurgical industry with the largest amount, accounting for 50%-60% of the total output.


Refractory material factory
Refractory material factory

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There are many kinds of refractories, which are usually divided into ordinary refractories (1580 ~ 1770℃), advanced refractories (1770 ~ 2000℃) and super refractories (above 2000℃). According to chemical properties are divided into acid refractory, neutral refractory and alkaline refractory. Various types of refractory material for sale are used in industry. The main differences in this category can be distinguished by differences in chemical composition, fire resistance, porosity, shape and size, molding method, range, etc. If you want to know about high quality refractories, welcome to consult us!

According to chemical property classification, can be divided into acid refractory, alkaline refractory and neutral refractory three categories. According to the refractory mineral chemical ingredients, can be divided into: the siliceous refractory materials, aluminum silicate refractory, magnesia refractories, magnesia spinel refractories, magnesia chrome refractory, magnesium dolomite, dolomite refractory materials, refractory carbon composite refractory, high aluminum refractory, chrome refractory, zircon refractory materials.

According to the form of supply classification, can be divided into stereotypes, stereotypes and thermal insulation refractory. According to different classification of refractories, it is divided into ordinary refractories (1580 ~ 1770℃), advanced refractories (1770 ~ 2000℃) and super refractories (above 2000℃).

According to the volume density classification, can also be divided into light and heavy refractory. According to the different classification of nature and size, it is divided into standard type/general type/special type/special type refractory, etc.

At present, the existence of refractory industry and the quality of national refractory is the embodiment of its industrialization. Of the more than 212 countries in the world, only 35 have a refractory industry. With the development of the times, more and more refractory materials for sale are needed in the world.

Refractory a nonmetallic material having a fire resistance of at least 1580°C and suitable for almost any process at high temperature. There are many properties of refractories. The most important attribute is fire resistance. They must have high heat resistance, high slag resistance, constant volume and shape, and high strength. Thermal conductivity and gas permeability are particularly important for these materials.



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In addition, refractory properties are: thermal resistance, mechanical strength, density, porosity, slag thermal conductivity, specific heat, electrical conductivity. Refractories are all kinds of materials made from natural minerals. It is widely used in various fields of industry and architecture.

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