Ultra-High-Strength Nano Insulating Castable

Rongsheng refractory materials manufacturer’s Ultra-High-Strength Nano Insulating Castable is made of high-temperature high-strength lightweight nano-aggregate, aluminate cement, alumina powder, plus some additives. Its nano-grade microporous structure makes the product the advantages of high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulation performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, and convenient construction. It can greatly reduce the heat energy consumption of industrial furnaces. Applied to places where it is difficult to lay insulation bricks. For example, corners, bends, and other narrow places where insulation bricks are not suitable for laying.

Ultra-High-Strength Nano Insulating Castable
Ultra-High-Strength Nano Insulating Castable

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Indicator Parameters of Ultra-High-Strength Nano Insulating Castable

Product Ultra-High-Strength Nanopore Insulating Castable
RUL, 0.2MPa*0.6% ≥1500 ≥1350
BD, g/cm³ 110℃×24h ≤1.6 ≤1.6
CCS, MPa 110℃×24h ≥25 ≥25
PLC, % 1500℃×12h
TC, W/ (m.K) Hot Side 800℃ 0.401 0.605
Hot Side 1100℃ 0.421 0.655

Rongsheng Refractory Materials Manufacturer

Rongsheng refractory materials manufacturer is a refractory material manufacturer with rich production and sales experience. Our environmentally friendly fully automatic monolithic refractory production line has an annual output of 50,000 tons. Provide high-quality wear-resistant and erosion-resistant monolithic refractory lining materials for high-temperature industrial furnaces, as well as low thermal conductivity, high-strength Ultra-High-Strength Nano Insulating Castable. The professional technical team of the Rongsheng factory can provide solutions for the refractory lining of various high-temperature industrial furnaces and the design and construction of refractory materials for the insulation layer. Contact us for a free quote for our new Ultra-High-Strength Nanopore Insulating Castable and the refractory lining solution.

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