Sillimanite Bricks Manufacturing

Sillimanite bricks is mainly firebrick made of siliconite minerals. Sillimanite is converted into mullite and free silica after calcining at high temperature. It is to use high temperature to burn commonly and mud pouring method production.

The physical and chemical properties of sillimanite refractory brick are better than that of high aluminum brick. The refractoriness is generally 1770℃~1830℃. The starting point of its load softening is generally 1500℃~1650℃. It is mainly used for the forming of liquid flow hole of glass pool kiln, furnace lining, furnace throat and ceramic industrial kiln.


Sillimanite bricks price
Sillimanite bricks price

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Sillimanite is a kind of high-duty refractory, it has the characteristics of low thermal expansion rate, resistance to corrosion of metallurgical slag and various glass liquids, good high temperature wear resistance and so on. In addition, the sillimanite products of the binder its physical and chemical properties are the best close to natural sillimanite, especially the chemical composition and thermal expansion coefficient, and natural sillimanite is basically consistent, relatively speaking, high aluminum binding agent can meet these requirements, so choose high aluminum binding agent.

Sillimanite Bricks Application

  1. High temperature anti-wear coating;
  2. Sillimanite refractory ball;
  3. Styrene kaolin – sillimanite insulation refractory products;
  4. High strength unshaped refractory material, which is used as refractory mortar for high temperature kiln;
  5. Rare earth composite silicon carbide material;
  6. A composite heat-insulating high-temperature refractory coating;
  7. Refractory castable with high temperature self-reinforcing effect.


Sillimanite bricks
Sillimanite bricks

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Due to sillimanite bricks high temperature thermal stability, resistance to erosion and erosion of glass liquid, it has little pollution to glass liquid, and it is more suitable for the glass industry to feed passage, feed machine, tube drawing machine and other equipment, can significantly improve productivity. We are a professional refractory materials manufacturer, welcome to consult and purchase.

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