Refractory Plastic

Refractory plastic is made of powder and granular materials, plastic clay and other binders and plasticizers, add a small amount of water, after sufficient mixing, it is composed of a kind of unshaped refractory that is in the form of hard mud and maintains high plasticity for a long time.

refractory plastic

Granular and powdered refractory materials are the main components of plastics, generally accounting for 70% to 85% of the total weight. It can be made of various refractory materials


It is made of refractory raw materials, and fire plastics are often classified and named according to their materials. Because this unshaped refractory is mainly used for Clay clinker and high-alumina clinker are generally used in various heating furnaces that are not in direct contact with the melt. Manufacturing lightweight refractory.


The refractory material can be light granular material. Sometimes for some special requirements, silica, sintered and fused corundum, chromium, recovery silica, haoying stone and carbonaceous materials.


Refractory plastic clay is an important component of plastic. Although it only accounts for 10% to 25% of the total amount of refractory plastic.


The bonding strength of the hardened body, the plasticity of the refractory plastic, and the volume stability and fire resistance of the plastic and its hardened body.


great influence. In a certain sense, it can be considered that the nature and quantity of clay determine the properties of plasticity.