Silicon Carbide Mullite Bricks

Silicon carbide mullite bricks are refractory bricks composed of mullite (3Al2O3. 2SiO2) and si carbide (SiC) as primary minerals. Its characteristics are usually: it has benefit temp resistance of mullite, plus it has the benefits of wear resistance, rust resistance and good cold weather conductivity of silicon carbide. Silicon carbide mullite bricks have high strength, wear resistance, and are not easy to peel off and corrode. Especially used in the transition zone and firing zone of cement kiln, the effect is remarkable.

Silicon carbide mullite bricks for sale
RS Silicon carbide mullite bricks for sale

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    The Wear-Resistant Bricks

    SiC mullite bricks is among the wear-resistant brick products. Other wear-resistant brick products are exceptional wear-resistant high-aluminum bricks, SiC mullite resistant bricks, reinforced high-aluminum stones, silicon carbide mullite wear-resistant bricks, high-aluminum phosphate wear-resistant bricks and also other types of wear-resistant voilier.

    Application of SiC Mullite Bricks

    Inside the technological advancement regarding the steel industry, within order to speed way up the steelmaking speed, some sort of certain amount of calcium supplements oxide (CaO) is pre-treated in the molten straightener tank for pretreatment. For that reason, the refractory material inside the tank must stand up to the high temperature deterioration . of molten iron in addition to resist strong alkaline deterioration. High-aluminum wear-resistant bricks are unable to withstand such strength. For that reason, the addition of the appropriate quantity of silicon carbide in the high-aluminum substance has formed a brand new wear-resistant refractory brick product, which usually is called the aluminium silicate-bonded silicon carbide dismissed brick in the metallurgical industry.

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    SiC Mullite Bricks Users Said

    After using the particular user’s reaction, the sic mullite brick has good cold weather shock resistance, good higher temperature strength, anti-erosion throughout use, no peeling, not any breakage, and prolonged lifespan. Silica brick is generally utilized in the transition area, decomposition furnace and cooling down machine of small plus medium-sized cement kiln.

    Aluminum Silicate-bonded SiC Mullite Bricks Supplier

    RS Group produces and sales silicon carbide mullite bricks with substantial experience in production plus sales. Our products will be also well received by customers. Need any help about refractories, please contact RS Group.

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