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High alumina brick is high alumina fine powder, refractory clay as the main raw materials, add combustible additives, after ramming, pouring or extrusion molding, drying in the high temperature tunnel kiln fired.


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High alumina brick has the advantages of high compressive strength, good thermal shock stability, reducing the heat capacity of kiln wall and high thermal efficiency.I can also according to the customer’s design needs, precision processing into a variety of different products. Welcome to consult.

The refractory degree of high alumina brick can reach 1750℃~1790℃,It is a high quality refractory. Because of high aluminum refractory brick Al2O3 , miscellaneous quality little, form the fusible
vitreous less,so high refractoriness under load.

The series of refractory bricks are mainly applied to the thermal insulation layer and lining of ceramic roller kiln, petrochemical reforming heating furnace, reforming furnace, metallurgical soaking furnace, blast furnace, hot blast furnace and other hot processing equipment.

High alumina brick has strong resistance to acid slag. In addition, high aluminum brick is also widely used as open hearth regenerative type lattice brick, pouring system plug head, nozzle brick,etc.


High alumina bricks

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Our company is excellent refractory material supplier and manufacturer,have more than 20 years of experience in refractory material, with fully automatic batching workshop, can be customized according to customer demand production.Welcome users to consult and purchase!