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Refractory cement has good workability, plasticity, water retention, the main characteristics are high bond strength, anti erosion, chemical erosion resistance, wear resistance, construction convenience, long storage period. The wear resistance, shock resistance, impact resistance and spalling resistance of kiln lining can be greatly improved.


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The expansion agent added to refractory cement will produce permanent expansion at high temperature,to make up for the shrinkage of the cracks caused by evaporation of the glue solution,So that the kiln lining does not crack and collapse, line change rate is very small. Finally, it forms a brick body similar to the whole prefabricated structure, which can prevent the leakage of wind and fire, effectively prevent the invasion of air and hot air flow into the masonry, and prevent the erosion of slag and molten metal on the wall joints.Improve the overall strength and masonry stability, can make full use of fuel, energy saving, environmental protection.

This series of refractory material has high speed of setting and hardening, and its strength can reach over 80% of the highest strength.


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We are specialized in the production and research and development of CFB circulating fluidized bed boiler lining material, the production process is perfect, with automatic production line, high efficiency, fast delivery, stable product performance. Through continuous innovation and practical experience, we have developed a variety of more high-quality refractory products in line with customer needs.Welcome to consult purchasing.