CFB Boiler Lining Refractory Construction

The repair and construction scheme of refractory for CFB boiler lining shall be collected and arranged by the refractory castable manufacturers. Now, follow me in depth.


Refractory castable manufacturer
Refractory castable manufacturers

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Engineering demolition: top level flue, furnace outlet, cyclone separator. The horizontal flue shall be constructed by roof plate and cut by gas. Refractory castable manufacturers shall be removed at the top of the refractory insulation layer by electric pick. The removed insulation layer refractory shall be disposed according to party a’s requirements.

After fixing the membrane, screw, nickel, titanium stainless steel system reinforcement, steel mesh mesh with galvanized iron wire tied, tied after the completion of a layer of asphalt paint, and then naturally air-dried. The next step is to use the refractory castable. Refractory castable manufacturers with high strength, wear – resistant, high – aluminum refractory plastic. The plastic can be poured using the forced mixer high-frequency vibrator vibration, and finally the top of the horizontal flue insulation layer pouring.

Remove cyclone separator, remove separator and external wall with pick. After removal, the removed parts and refractory materials shall be handled as required by party a. Then the separator to restore the work, first to repair the wall insulation brick layer with ordinary refractory mortar masonry. Pay attention to the gap between the thermal insulation bricks when laying and fill up with refractory clay. After the insulation layer is built by laying bricks and mortar, clean the surface of the insulation brick, use the same screw, nickel, titanium stainless steel system reinforcement, steel mesh grid, galvanized iron wire to tie, tie after the completion of the coating on a layer of asphalt paint, and then naturally dry. Then can use high strength, wear-resisting, high aluminum refractory plastic pouring construction, the same method.

Precautions for separator construction, when using plastic construction, need to be completed in one time. The surface should be smooth and smooth without obvious holes. The joint between the new wall and the old wall should be cleaned and rinsed with acid once to achieve better connection effect.


Refractory castable supplier
Refractory castable supplier

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High strength wear-resistant refractory plastics should be stirred evenly and finished within 20 minutes. There is also the construction method of the furnace chamber. The original old materials shall be removed and cleaned. After party a installs the hearth hood, the castable with high strength and high aluminum abrasion resistance shall be used to complete the one-time construction.

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