Refractory Plastic Introduction

Refractory plastic coarse aggregate with high aluminum refractory clinker, refractory plastic to add 10%-15% of raw clay.As raw clay has low Al2O3 content and low fire resistance, high alumina powder is used to improve the Al2O3 content of the matrix, so that it can produce more mullite in long-term use at high temperature to improve its performance. In addition, in order to extend the time of setting and hardening of high-alumina plastics, preservatives are added.


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According to the type of binder can be divided into aluminum sulfate, phosphoric acid, phosphate, water glass and resin combined refractory plastics.Refractory plastic has good thermal shock resistance and is easy to be constructed. It is suitable for all kinds of heating furnace, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, hot blast furnace, etc. It can also be used for the furnace cover of small electric arc furnace, burner of high temperature furnace and other parts.

Refractory plastic is made of refractory aggregate and powder, raw clay and chemical compound binder and admixture. After mixing, extruding into brick shape, packaging and storage for a certain time, it still has good plasticity, and can be constructed by tamping method.

Refractory plastic is by granular and powdery material and plasticizer such as clay binder and plasticizer cooperate, then add a small amount of water, after fully mixing formed by a kind of hard mud paste shape and maintain higher plasticity in a longer period of time is unshaped refractory.

The main components of refractory plastic are granular and powdered materials. Because this kind of unshaped refractory material is mainly used in a variety of heating furnaces that do not directly contact with the melt, clay clinker and high aluminum clinker are generally used to prepare lightweight plastics.


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