Description Of High Quality Refractory Cement

The price of refractory cement is about several hundred yuan per ton, and the expensive one or two thousand yuan. Different types of refractory cement have different prices.

In terms of categories, refractory materials are various, usually according to the degree of refractoriness is divided into ordinary refractory (1580 ~ 1770℃), high-grade refractory (1770 ~2000℃) and superior refractories (over 2000℃). According to the chemical characteristics of acid refractory, neutral refractory and alkaline refractory.

In addition, there are refractories for special occasions. Refractory cement can be divided into clay refractory cement, high alumina refractory cement, silica refractory cement, magnesium refractory cement and so on.


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Refractory cement can also be divided into the following three categories according to the different binder:

(1) Ceramic bonded clay it is a mixture of refractory fine aggregate and ceramic binder.Delivery state is dry, need to add water after use, in hardened by ceramic combination at high temperature.

(2) Hydraulic-bonded refractory slurry it is a mixture composed of refractory fine aggregate and a hydraulic-bonded agent (cement) that plays a major binding role. Dry delivery condition only, use after adding water, no need to heat when hardening.

(3) Chemically bonded refractory mud is a mixture composed of refractory fine aggregate and chemical binder. The delivery can be either slurry or dry hardened below the ceramic bonding temperature.

According to hardening temperature, this kind of refractory cement can be divided into two kinds: air-setting and thermal hardness.Air-setting refractory cement is usually prepared with water-glass and other air-hardness binder. Thermosetting refractory cement commonly used phosphate and other thermosetting binder preparation. After this kind of hot and rigid refractory cement is hardened, besides having higher intensity below all sorts of temperature, still have close shrink, juncture is close, corrosion-resisting sex is strong wait for a characteristic.


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This series of refractory material is divided into products and semi-products.Finished refractory cement is in the manufacturer will be raw material, clinker proportion match, the field use only need to add water and stir evenly according to the standard. Semi-finished refractory cement is raw material and clinker not mixed together, when used on site, according to the composition of different mud fully mixed, and according to the provisions of water and stir evenly. If you want to know more about refractory cement information and price, you can consult Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co.,Ltd.