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Magnesia brick is the content of magnesium oxide in more than 90%, to square magnesite as the main crystal phase of alkaline refractory materials. Generally speaking, magnesia brick can be divided into, burned magnesia brick and chemical bonded magnesite brick two categories. Baked magnesia bricks are divided into silicate bonded magnesia bricks, direct bonded magnesia bricks and recombined magnesia bricks. Chemical bonded magnesite brick is divided into chemical combined magnesia brick, asphalt combined magnesia brick.


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As is known to all, magnesia brick is formed through high temperature firing is the most important product of alkaline refractory materials, with high refractories, iron oxide, alkaline slag and high calcium solvent have good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, generally in the metallurgical furnace is the most widely used.

Magnesia brick has high refractoriness, good alkali slag resistance, high temperature softening temperature, high temperature mechanical strength, good slag resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature volume stability and other characteristics.

This series of refractory bricks are mainly used in basic open-hearth furnace for steelmaking, bottom and wall of electric furnace, permanent lining of oxygen converter, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, high-temperature tunnel kiln, lining of calcined magnesia brick and cement rotary kiln, bottom and wall of heating furnace, lattice brick of regenerator of glass kiln, etc.

Need to pay attention to is, magnesia brick should pay attention to moistureproof, rain and snow when transportation, avoid crack to reduce the use of strength. The brick at 1600℃ high temperature, and silicon brick, clay brick and even high aluminum brick contact can react, the refractoriness can reach more than 2000℃, welcome to inquiry at any time.


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