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Corundum silicon carbide refractory plastic is a new type of high quality refractory material, which can be used in the harsh environment with wear-resistant requirements, such as the combustion belt and cyclone cylinder of the boiler in power plant.


Corundum silicon carbide refractory plastic

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This type of refractory is a kind of advanced refractory, with excellent wear resistance, super bond and high temperature, and has the advantages of fast construction, short construction period, no need for oven after construction.After our continuous practice, its service life is obviously higher than other wear-resistant refractory materials.This is because of the high content of silicon carbide in corundum silicon carbide refractory plastics and its super bonding property,can daub any irregular wear part at will, make wear degree reduces greatly.After the construction can be immediately ignition, no special maintenance, so as to shorten the construction period, save costs.

Corundum silicon carbide refractory plastics are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, iron and steel, ceramics and other industries.Construction methods are mainly ramming and daubing two ways. Before construction, the rigid anchor tip should be fixed in the required place, and the mesh interval between the upper and lower sides of the anchor tip should be about 150-250mm. During construction, the plastic should be laid on the required place and evenly applied on the required place. The thickness of the material blank can be determined according to the design requirements of different furnace types.

Corundum silicon carbide refractory plastics can be widely used in the use of circulating fluidized bed burner belt, cyclone cylinder, heat radiation materials and other parts of the use of refractory materials.

The refractory material has super bonding property, which can be daub and tamp any irregular wear parts at will to reduce the wear degree greatly,instead of using steel formwork or molds,do not need special maintenance, shorten the construction period, save cost, improve economic benefits.


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