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As is known to all, magnesia bricks become sintered magnesia after being calcined at high temperature and then broken to a certain extent. The magnesia bricks manufactured by our company are of high quality, advanced production technology, rich technology and favorable price.


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Magnesite brick is an alkaline refractory with square magnesite as the main crystal phase. It has the advantages of high fire resistance, strong corrosion resistance and high direct combination rate. Widely used in various high temperature kilns.

Magnesia refractory brick has the characteristics of strong alkali erosion resistance, erosion resistance, good thermal stability, high compressive strength and high softening temperature under load. It is widely used in the bottom and wall of electric furnace, non- ferrous metal smelting furnace, high-temperature tunnel kiln, lining of calcined magnesia brick and cement rotary kiln, bottom and wall of heating furnace, lattice brick of glass furnace regenerator, etc.

According to the production process, this type of refractory brick can be divided into sintered magnesia brick and chemically combined magnesia brick. Magnesia brick refractoriness can reach more than 2000℃, high thermal conductivity, good quality, reserve transport, the need for moisture-proof, rain and snow.


High quality magnesia brick

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We are a professional magnesia brick manufacturer, with more than 20 years of production experience, exported to 62 countries and regions in the world, is the customer trust quality manufacturers. Welcome to consult and purchase, we will serve you wholeheartedly.