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As we all know, mullite insulation bricks are divided into two categories: light and heavy. It has the advantages of environmental protection and no pollution, and meets the requirements of environmental protection today. We are committed to high quality products, a complete variety of refractory materials, I plant the production of mullite insulation brick exports to many countries and regions in the world, has been unanimously recognized.


Mullite insulation brick manufacturer

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Mullite insulation brick is a high alumina refractory material.Is made of mullite as the main material of heat insulation firebrick, with high temperature resistance, high strength, low thermal conductivity, can directly contact with the flame and other advantages.Suitable for lining of all kinds of industrial kilns.

At present, this series of thermal insulation bricks are widely used in the upper structure of glass melting kiln, firing kiln, melting kiln, refining device, heating device and other thermal equipment thermal insulation layer.


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Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co.,Lts. production of refractory brick variety, quality assurance, the company also has a professional business team and first-class technical guidance to help users find the right products. Welcome you to come to consult and buy, we will provide you with the best quality service.