Use of Refractory Brick

With the development of economy, refractory bricks are widely used in the construction of thermal equipment, kilns and structures of various scales, and have obtained remarkable economic benefits. Refractory brick performance, also known as high temperature performance, including load softening temperature, refractoriness, high temperature volume stability, thermal shock resistance, slag resistance and oxidation resistance.


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A lot of people ask, where are refractory brick used? I want to tell you that wherever there is a need to withstand high temperatures, all of them need to be refractory bricks.For example, in the iron and steel industry for ironmaking blast furnace, hot blast furnace, hot blast pipe, coke oven lining, iron water tank, ladle, etc. In the power industry for power plant boiler, heating station circulating fluidized bed boiler; It is used in glass kiln, rotary kiln and ceramic kiln in building materials industry.

Still have is refractory brick in metallurgical industry, need to consume fireproof material most, its quality requirement is highest also. The application range of refractory brick is extensive, the price also is the respect such as according to raw material, brick shape, and specification requirement, use place differs, the price also has very big difference.Welcome the friend that has need, come to contact, we will make the most suitable program for you.


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