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Mullite brick is a kind of silico – al refractory with mullite as the main crystal phase. According to the production process can be divided into sintered mullite brick and electrofused mullite brick.


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Mullite refractory brick has the advantages of high refractoriness, high softening temperature under load, low creep rate at high temperature, good thermal shock resistance and acid slag erosion

The mullite brick is often used in the hot blast furnace for iron smelting at a temperature above 1200 ℃, the top of the electric arc furnace for steel making, the ceramic industry kiln, the regenerator arch and superstructure of the glass melting kiln, the lining of cement and rotary kiln, etc.

Sintered mullite bricks are made of sintered mullite as granular material, with a small amount of clay or raw bauxite as a binder, after molding and sintering.Electrofused mullite bricks are made of high alumina or industrial alumina, silica or refractory clay, which are melted in an electric arc furnace and then molded by pouring.

It is worth noting that the ratio of Al2O3 and SiO2 of mullite brick raw materials, the type and content of impurities in the raw materials, as well as the particle size of mullite raw materials, the firing temperature and the holding time of mullite brick will affect the nature and structure of mullite refractory brick.


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