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Mullite insulation bricks is a kind of high aluminum refractory with mullite as the main crystal phase. We call it mullite light insulation brick. Generally, alumina content ranges from 40% to 70%.In addition to the mineral composition of mullite, the lower alumina also contains a small amount of glass phase and quartzite, mullite insulation brick has the advantage of direct contact with flame, directly used in the lining of high-temperature furnace. This series of refractory insulation brick is a kind of refractory insulation material which is widely used in new industrial kiln and high temperature equipment.


Mullite insulation brick advantages

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Mullite insulation brick advantages:


1. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect;

2. Due to its low thermal conductivity, mullite insulation brick accumulates little thermal energy and has obvious energy-saving effect in intermittent operation;

3. Low impurity content and very low oxide content, therefore, high fire resistance.And in the atmosphere of high aluminum content, still maintain good performance;

4. High thermal compressive strength, high fire resistance, up to over 1790℃.The starting temperature of load softening is 1450-1600℃. Normal temperature compressive strength 2-6MPa,have good thermal shock resistance;

5. Accurate appearance and size, accelerate the construction speed, reduce the use of refractory clay, ensure the strength and stability of the masonry, thus extending the lining life;

6. It can be processed into special shapes to reduce the number of bricks and joints.


Mullite insulation bricks

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Mullite insulation bricks are widely used in hot blast furnace top, blast furnace body and bottom, glass furnace regenerator, ceramic sintering kiln, and blind lining of petroleum cracking system.

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