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Lightweight insulating castable, also known as thermal insulation castable refractory material, mainly used for high temperature industrial furnace insulation layer and other heating equipment lining. It is made up of aluminate cement and high aluminum fine material with some additives.


Lightweight insulating castable

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The lightweight insulation materials have the advantages of light volume, good insulation performance and good compressive strength.It also has excellent characteristics, such as good miscibility, strong bonding force, long initial setting time, operable time construction, rapid increase of strength, strong durability, no need for acidification and easy bricklaying mortar joint density can significantly improve air tightness. It is an ideal adhesive for lining corrosion resistance, and also widely used in acid resistance engineering such as acid-proof pool and tank in petroleum, chemical industry and nonferrous metallurgy.

Compared with other amorphous refractory materials, lightweight insulating castable binder and moisture content is higher, better fluidity, so it has a wide range of application, according to the use conditions of the material and binder used to choose.It can be directly poured into the lining body for use, and can be made into precast blocks by pouring or vibration.

This series of insulation castable has small volume density and low thermal conductivity, which reduces the structural weight of furnace or equipment.With good thermal insulation performance,
so that the temperature in the furnace uniform.Good working performance, high bonding strength.


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