Advantages and Application Of Corundum Brick

In recent years, corundum bricks have been favored by many users in industrial production. This series bricks not only have excellent performance in fire resistance, but also have strong resistance in corrosion resistance. Today, we will talk about the application and advantages of corundum bricks.


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Corundum brick is a kind of refractory material whose alumina content is more than 90%. This type of refractory brick to acid or alkaline slag, metal and glass liquid have strong resistance.

According to the classification of types, it can be divided into sintered corundum brick and electrofused corundum brick. Corundum brick is suitable for grinding metals with higher tensile resistance, such as all kinds of general steel, malleable iron, hard bronze, etc. It can also be made into brown corundum brick, which is a kind of advanced refractory material and abrasive material.

This series of refractory brick can also be used for precision casting sand, spraying materials, special ceramics and other industries, can also be used for dry grinding and easy deformation, easy to burn grinding processing, as well as lining of various high-temperature kilns and kiln furniture for cracking, the lining of various high-temperature kilns used in cracking, reforming furnace and metallurgy industry of petrochemical and fertilizer industry.It is one of the high quality and versatile products.


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