Mullite Refractory Insulation Brick Advantages

Mullite refractory insulation brick is a kind of mullite refractory, which can be directly used as the lining of high-temperature kiln, widely used as the lining of glass kiln, petrochemical kiln and shuttle kiln. Good quality, favorable price, welcome to consult in detail.


Mullite refractory insulation brick price

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The series of refractory bricks contain less alumina, less glass and less quartzite. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, high compressive strength, is a high quality guaranteed quality refractory.

Mullite refractory insulation bricks have low thermal fusion. Due to low thermal conductivity, this series of refractory bricks can only store little thermal energy. In this case, the energy saving effect is especially obvious under intermittent operation. And its impurity content is low, therefore, high fire resistance, good performance.

The appearance and size of mullite refractory brick are accurate, which can accelerate the construction speed, reduce the use of refractory clay, not only ensure the strength and stability of the masonry, but also extend the service life of the lining. In addition, the series of mullite bricks can be processed into special shapes according to customers’ requirements to reduce the number of bricks and brickwork gaps.

Mullite refractory insulation brick has high refractoriness, high softening temperature under load, high compressive strength and good thermal shock resistance. Mainly used for hot blast furnace top, blast furnace body and bottom, glass furnace regenerator, ceramic sintering kiln, oil cracking system blind corner lining, etc.


Mullite refractory insulation brick

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