Application and Advantages of Unshaped Refractory

The unshaped refractory is a kind of mixture which is composed of refractory aggregate and powder and admixture in a certain proportion.The refractoriness of the refractory is not less than 1580℃,good quality, quick purchase.


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Unshaped refractories are mainly used in metallurgical industry and cement production industry. In cement production industry, they are mainly used in rotary kiln and pre-decomposition kiln. The following is an example of the pre – decomposition kiln. In the pre-decomposition kiln, the refractory should not only withstand the erosion of harmful components in the kiln, but also meet the requirements of high wear resistance, and have good thermal shock stability.

There are many factors that affect the selection of refractory materials. In addition to price factors, users usually need to consider such issues as service life, better insulation effect, convenient masonry method and faster masonry speed.

This kind of refractory material is applied more and more in cement factory industry, mainly because of its characteristic advantage, mostly in line with the production characteristics of cement factory.

Such as: The construction period of unshaped refractories is short and the construction cost is low. The material has good overall performance, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, good energy saving effect and long service life. The maintenance time is short, the maintenance speed is fast, the temperature rises quickly, the product quality is high.


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