High Quality Corundum Brick Price

Corundum brick not only has excellent performance in fire resistance, but also has strong resistance in corrosion resistance. This is also the reason why grinding tools and kiln furniture are favored. High quality corundum bricks for sale,let’s take a look at the price standard of corundum bricks.


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Corundum brick is mainly determined by the material and other factors inside the brick. However, when purchasing corundum bricks, don’t just take the price as the reference standard, because no matter the price is high or low, the quality is the key, you must distinguish the priority.

Besides these, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of corundum bricks. Let’s have a look at corundum bricks.

Corundum bricks for sale is a refractory product with alumina content of over 90% and corundum as the main crystal phase. Good chemical stability, acid or alkaline slag, metal and glass liquid have strong resistance. Corundum bricks for sale,good corrosion resistance,there are two kinds of sintered corundum bricks and electrically fused corundum bricks.

Use of corundum bricks for sale:

1. Abrasives: suitable for grinding high tensile metal, such as various general steel, malleable iron, hard bronze, etc., can also be made of brown corundum brick, is a high grade refractory material;

2. Advanced refractory materials and abrasive materials;

3. Precision casting sand, spray materials, chemical catalysts, special ceramics;

4. Grinding of dry grinding and easy to deform and easy to burn workpieces;

5. Cracking, reforming furnace, metallurgical industry and other high-temperature kiln linings and kiln furniture in the petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

When the customer purchases corundum brick, has the standard brick shape, the special-shaped brick shape, also has some needs the refractory brick factory design production processing. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to ensure that the size of corundum bricks produced meets the requirements of drawings and can meet the requirements of site construction. For pre-built refractory brick, in the pre-built processing of the sign processing, delivery should also be marked, for the convenience of site construction masonry.


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Choosing corundum refractory brick manufacturer is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of kiln,reasonable corundum refractory brick is the basic requirement of kiln technology. More refractory brick information is available at RS group. We can produce and process corundum bricks of various indexes and sizes.

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