Fire Clay Insulation Brick For Sale

In the use of the kiln, the need for fire resistance and insulation materials are many, including insulation materials are divided into shaped insulation materials and unshaped insulation materials. Today, we introduce to you fire clay insulation brick. It is a commonly used insulating brick in kiln engineering. Fire clay insulation brick of application wide range,then, let’s understand its use.


Fire clay insulation bricks

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The fire clay insulation brick refers to Al2O3 content of 30%-46% of thermal insulation refractory products with porous structure. It is mainly made of porous products which can be burnt by plastic mud or mud foam or chemical method.

Fire clay insulation brick of application wide range. Mainly used in various industrial kilns do not contact with the melt and no erosion of the role of gas insulation material. In general, its operating temperature is 900-1000℃.

This series of insulating bricks are mainly used for heating boilers, glass kilns, cement kilns, chemical fertilizer gasifiers, blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, coking furnaces, electric furnaces etc.

Fire clay insulation brick can be used as a thermal surface refractory or other refractory insulation layer. It can also be used as ignition kiln, flue, refining device, heating device, regeneration device, gas furnace and pipeline, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, reaction chamber and other thermal equipment.

Fire clay insulation brick advantage

1. Fire clay insulation brick are also called lightweight refractory bricks with excellent insulation performance;
2. It is a weakly acidic refractory product that resists the erosion of acid slag and acid gases;
3. The thermal insulation performance of the clay insulation brick is good, and it is resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heat;
4. High refractoriness, up to 1690-1730 °C.

The main function of fire clay insulation bricks is to insulation and reduce the loss of heat. Generally, it does not directly contact the flame. This series of insulation brick performance, the thermal conductivity of generally 0.2-0.4 (average temperature 350±25°C) w/mk, and the thermal conductivity of the refractory brick is 1.0 (average temperature 350±25°C) w/ Above mk, its insulation performance is much better than that of refractory bricks.


Fire clay insulation brick sales

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