Direct-Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Bricks For Sale

As we know, direct combined magnesite chrome brick is developed on the basis of common magnesite chrome brick. The direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks of advantage are obvious. Its production characteristics are mainly the use of more pure raw materials and higher firing temperature.


Direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks

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Direct bonding refers to more direct contact between chrome ore particles and magnesite in brick. Because there is less SiO2 in the raw materials, the amount of silicate production is less. By means of high temperature firing, the silicate is squeezed into the corner of the solid phase particles, so as to improve the direct binding of the solid phase.

The direct-bonded magnesium-chrome brick advantage of obvious. Due to the high degree of direct combination, the refractory brick has high high temperature strength, slag resistance, erosion resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal shock stability and volume stability at 1800℃.

This series of refractory bricks is based on silicate bonded magnesia chrome brick, as far as possible to reduce the content of impurities in the raw materials. Magnesia-chrome brick was prepared from low – impurity concentrate and pure magnesia. Due to the low content of impurities in this series of refractory bricks, it is often fired at high temperature. And adopted the raw material with higher purity, because of this, the quantity of silicate in the brick combines phase to reduce, impurity content is little, between refractory grain more show direct contact, it is called direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks.

The microstructure of direct bonded can improve the high temperature performance of mgo-chrome brick, resistance to erosion and erosion. It has become a kind of refractory brick which is widely used at present. The direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks has been widely used in nonferrous smelting furnace and cement kiln.


Direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks price

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So that’s some of the content of the direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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